Electronic Giving and Give by Text

You don’t need to pledge to give electronically, but if you just pledged thank you!

electronic giving offering cardYou can use this page to set up with Rejoice’s electronic giving program. It provides convenient ways to manage your donations to the different ministries of Rejoice.

You can make a one-time contribution or set up recurring gifts … every week, every two weeks, every month, etc.

We can accept payments from your bank account (our preferred method) or if you wish you can use a credit/debit card.

When you visit church you can pick up an offering card (pictured). Place this card in the offering tray in the same way as you might when giving with cash or check.

To set up your giving now continue reading below.

Manage Your Own Contributions

button pledgeWatch the video below to see how easy it is to make and adjust your giving or simply get started by clicking the Give Now button.

You can set up amounts, designations and frequency (one-time, every week, every month etc.) through our secure partners at Vanco Financial Services.  When you manage your own account you will be able to review your giving history and make adjustments to your giving levels at any time.

Note: if you already give electronically but would like the ability to manage your contributions online, please contact the Rejoice Business Office and we’ll get you enrolled.  You will need to provide us with an email address, which we will use to set up your account.

Have Rejoice Set Up Your Contributions

We can do the heavy lifting and set up electronic giving for you, but we will first need your authorization. Simply download this form, complete it and return to the Rejoice Business Office and we’ll take care of the rest.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to open and print the form.

Give by Text

You can also give by text – here’s a quick guide to giving by text.

Simply send a text to 630-504-7999 with the amount you would like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount.  Example:  $25.

Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a text with a link to register.  Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and credit or debit card information.   Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email.

For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically!

Pledge Card

Looking for the online pledge card?  Here it is.